Buying an office space?

When we talk about real estate we usually connect it with houses or some land space, without thinking of shops, malls, offices, and commercial buildings. In recent times office spaces have become a core activity for many real estate developers, and many are shifting towards the new emerging trends in commercial property industry such as co-working places.People spend most number of hours in their offices and hence it becomes very important for the business owners or organizations to provide spaces with an abundant number of facilities.

  • Infrastructure : The design, the height, the look and feel, parking for employees, number of rooms, restrooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, recreation space, cafeteria and more are the essentials.
  • Location : How well is the workplace connected to the surroundings? Metro, airports, the city center, hotels, residence of employees. The location is one of the prime factors when one considers buying an office or even when an employee selects a company.
  • Area : An IT industry which needs to hold a good amount of hardware will need large storage space, although a sales company where everything happens on the field, would not.
  • Recreation : It’s not just about the indoors but also the outdoor space which becomes important, such as additional recreation room, a terrace for games and events and more. These recreation facilities don’t just look like an attraction but make sure that employees are refreshed and energized from time to time.
  • Price : One of the important factors is the price for the place and the budget doesn’t just include buying that space, but overall organizing of the furniture, décor, and amenities for the entire office.